Travertine Tiles For The Home

Applying tiles either on the floors or walls at home is a current trend when it comes to home decoration and design. One of the tiles that has gotten a lot of interest are travertine tiles. You can view travertine tiles london has to offer to see just how beautiful they are. Travertine falls under limestone tiles and is usually from quarries that have them in large blocks. They are then cut into smaller blocks and into tile size pieces. This tile is mostly used for the flooring, backsplashes, countertops and other surfaces where tile is mostly used.

The Variety Of Travertine Tiles
The travertine can come in various colours such as ivory, reddish brown, beige, gold and many others in between. The colour is affected by the amount of iron present in it. The tiles can also come as polished, brushed or matte ones. Many people love polished Travertine because it looks like marble. Due to how easy it is to shape and cut, there are a lot of people who love using it especially when they need a specific shape.

Reasons To Choose Travertine
Primarily, many people choose to use travertine because of how good it looks but there are still other reasons to use it. One reason is that it is easy to match. If you have Travertine tiles installed today and one or two of your tiles needs to be replaced then you can easily find one that would look close to what you had. Another advantage is in the cutting and shaping of it. It is easy to cut and shape so you can fill even the most odd spaces with it easily unlike you would with other tiles. IT is also more environmentally friendly because it is naturally made in nature.

Reasons Not To Use Travertine
If there are reasons why people love to use them, there are also other reasons why there are people who don’t like to use them. One of which is because it needs to be cared for a little more than the other tiles. You would need to have a sealant if you want to protect it and prolong it. Due to its nature, it is very reactive to acids. Even a splash of orange juice can cause your tiles to be permanently stained. Cleaning it up would require other cleaners aside from vinegar because it would just stain it. Sealants will help in protecting your tiles but it doesn’t guarantee that the tiles would really be protected. It is still better if you wipe up any spills on the Travertine tiles to prevent it from staining.

The price of the Travertine tile is also one of the reasons why people say no to it. As compared to porcelain tile, it is more expensive because of the adhesive that you have to use with it.

It would be best not to use this kind of tile when you have pets or kids that are prone to accidents so that they do not permanently damage the tiles. It is a great looking tile that can be more expensive but easier to replace.