Choosing Replacement Windows

At one time, prior to the 1960s, people would choose the windows for their dependent on how they looked, choosing windows that best suited the look of the house, perhaps even adding character to it. Today though it is a very different story as a house owner’s first concern when it comes to which windows to buy, will be how efficient they are in saving heating costs. Obviously a house has to be well insulated in order to keep inside the house any heat that you may put into the house, therefore the windows must provide good insulation and since the 1960s, it has been generally accepted that the best windows to do this are those that have double panes. That means that when someone in Milwaukee wants to buy replacement windows, they will look for a review of Replacement Windows in Milwaukee WI in order to see which windows available in their area, provide the best opportunity to save money on their heating bills. By doing this, if a home owner has single pane windows and replaces them with double pane windows, they can hopefully expect to make savings on their heating bills of as much as $500 per year.

These savings though are only possible if the windows are installed correctly and so thereby offer their maximum efficiency. This is why , when the results of a recent study were shown, many people were surprised and even shocked because the study showed that 67% of window replacement contractors in the area were either unqualified or uninsured to be carrying out window replacements. Since the study people have of course been selective on exactly who they hire to replace their windows, they may check the contractor’s licence and request proof of insurance. Of course with so many reviews for different services being available on the internet, some people look at reviews for the contractor’s work prior to hiring.

It may be advisable to find the contractor before you actually buy the windows as a true professional may be able to advise you as to whether you actually have to replace the windows, as they may be able to be repaired or their insulation improved on by re-caulking or the adding of weather stripping which of course could save you as much as $12,000 on buying new windows. If you have an old house that has specific windows fitted, you may want to check with the local authorities as to whether replacing the windows will lower the value of the house. This isn’t often the case but if your windows are for instance stained glass, they may be considered a valuable asset to the house and therefore replacing them, even with more efficient windows, could cause the value of the house to drop drastically. Most people do replace their windows though, if they have single paned ones and the vast majority of those have made significant savings on their heating bills. The savings though are only a fraction of the cost of the windows and so it takes several years to recoup all the cost.